Craig Kimbrel’s First Major League Save!

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From – Kimbrel is interviewed on getting his first save:

“That was exciting. My heart was racing. Pretty cool.”

You didn’t look nervous

“Well, I was on the inside. At least I didn’t show it on the outside.”

Surprised you were called on, or did you know Wagner was getting a day off?

“I didn’t know. When they called my name I was like, OK, let’s go. Let’s get ready to go. I was already ready to go before I even threw a pitch.”

“Top of the ninth, they called down and said, you’ve got it. Just like that, I was ready. It was very cool.”

Good to get it in that setting?

“Yeah, we’re in the hunt, winning three games in a row here, which is huge for us. Just being put in that situation down the stretch was awesome.”

On striking out Beltran looking to start 9th

“It always makes it easier when you get the first batter. Once I got the first batter out of the way I was like, OK. I took a deep breath.

“After that last strikeout it felt good. I’ve been working for it for a long time and finally got it.”

You’ve definitely got it, Craig. 😉 I don’t know about the rest of Braves fans, but I’m not very worried about Wagner retiring. We have our young guns Kimbrel and Venters — we’ll be fine!

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