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Recent Mail

Steve from Atlanta writes:

Hey, I just want to say that your my favorite baseball player!

Craig writes:

Thanks Steve! I appreciate that.

Jim from Dunwoody writes:

When did you start batting? Did you always want to be a pitcher?

Craig writes:

Jim, I always did both through HS and when I got to college, I realized it was time to put the bat down. My last AB in HS was a HR though!

Lisa from Birmingham writes:

Being from Alabama do you feel lucky to play with your “hometown” team?

Craig writes:

Well Lisa, I would feel fortunate playing anywhere but it sure makes it easy for my friends and family to come watch me play which is always a good time!

Mike from Chattanooga writes:

Who was your favorite Brave growing up?

Craig writes:

Well Mike, I would have to say that Bobby Cox was my favorite Brave. I always paid close attention to how he handled his pitchers. It was a privilege to have played for him this last year and I was lucky to be able to say I played for one of the best pitchers of all time. Thanks.