Q & A

Which High School did you go to?

Lee High School in Huntsville, AL

Did you play any sports while you were there?

I played baseball of course but I also played football my Junior and Senior years.

A football player too? What position did you play?

I played quarterback.

So as quarterback for your high school, I bet you were quite the popular guy then huh?

Ehh, not really. Ha ha. I wasn’t really good. If I got the chance, I’d throw the ball, but we were mostly a running team.

So what about academically? Were you a good student?

Yeah, I got my good grades in school – skip days and all. ha ha.

So when you graduated from high school, did you have any idea where you were going to be right around this time in your life?

Well, I knew I was going to be playing baseball somewhere….I had a few options when I graduated and it was either going to be school here in Huntsville or a few other junior colleges that I had in mind. Playing baseball professionally was always a goal but to actually reach that goal is pretty damn cool.

Very cool. Okay, let`s dig a little deeper, what kind of music do you listen to?

I listen a little bit of everything. There’s very little I don’t like. Not much of a fan of punk music or hip hop. Other than that my ears are open to anything.

Coke or Pepsi?

Um, I’ll have to say Coke.

Do you have a favorite book? Or something you like to read up on?

One of my favorite books is a golf book. It’s called “Seven Days at the Links of Utopia.” It’s about a golfer who’s really good and talented, but just can’t seem to put it all together. It goes into baseball too and how you gotta try to coach yourself to get to that next level. Good read!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Definitely a dog person. We’ve got two family dogs and one cat actually, but he acts like a dog so I guess we’ll keep him.

Who`s your favorite baseball player?

Hm, let me see…I’ve always liked Bob Feller growing up. He threw that ball really hard.

What do you like to do on your off times?

I always like to catch a round of golf when I’m off. If not that, then some fishing would be in order.

What about when you were a little kid, what do you miss about being a kid?

Not having anything to really worry about…No bills, no responsibilities…You could almost get away with anything, ha ha ha.

What do you watch when you sit down to some good ole` TV?

Well, I don’t have much time to watch TV anymore, but when I do, I’ll usually have “Sports Center” on or if theres a game on, I’ll watch some college football. Can’t miss “Family Guy” though, gotta have me some “Family Guy.”

Let`s talk baseball for a second, when you`re up there on the mound and the next batter is up, what goes through your mind? Is there something you`re looking for? Is there a strategy in mind?

Well, before I’m even on the mound I make sure to take a look at the scouting reports that way I know what I should and shouldn’t throw in certain instances. Other than that, I just try to focus on throwing the ball and getting that sweet spot.

How are you fitting in with your team?

Good! I get along with everybody. Everyone is a lot of fun to hang around and it just feels great to be with a winning team.

What`s the best thing about playing with the Braves?

Well, I grew up a Braves fan. And to be playing for a team that I grew up being a huge fan of is just…..cool!

Are there any mentors on the team that you go to for advice?

Billy Wagner helped me a lot this year. He gave me good advice on knowing what to expect.

When you`re on the field, how do the fans and crowd cheering affect the way you play? Or do they?

Yes, most definitely. You know, when you got 50,000 people in the stands screaming for your team then it kind of gives me that little extra ‘giddy up’ and just the right amount of adrenaline. But the same goes with when theres hardly anybody in the stands…you kind of wish the tables were turned when you’re a visiting team.